Below is a list of our current staff at Alderwood Infant School.


Executive Headteacher: Clare de Sausmarez

Head of school: Natasha Brock

Asst Head/SENCo: Tracy Kempton

Assistant Head teacher (MFL): Edward White


Class Teachers:

Early Years: Torie Woodward, Emily Hyde & Jessica Weir

Early Years Support Staff: Stacey Doyle, Claire Vaughan, Nicci Wiseman & Kate Brigden

 Year One: Tracey Probert, Lucy Croud, Nic Oliver & Rebekha Cooper

Year One Support Staff: Natalie Ryland, Liz Harrison, Nicky Cronin, Lesley Townsend, Nic Barrington, Sam Burns, Jan Hyatt & Anne Taylor

Year Two: Laura Babbage, Rebecca Jones, Chris Jones & Frances Curme

Year Two Support Staff: Elaine Parkes, Joanna Voicu, Clare Green, Rachael Harmsworth, Frances Raper, Jenny Harrison & Jennifer Harrison

Year Leaders

Year R: Torie Woodward

Year 1: Tracey Probert

Year 2: Laura Babbage


Subject teachers

Early Years: Torie Woodward

English: Laura Babbage & Torie Woodward

Maths: Tracey Probert

Science: Rebecca Jones

Computing: Kayleigh Nisbet & Cerys Symons

Art/DT: Emily Hyde

PE: Chris Jones

Geography: Jessica Weir

History: Lucy Croud

S.M.S.C & R.E: Rebekha Cooper

Able Child & Student Council: Sam Pearce

Music: Melody Smith

Assessment: Natasha Brock

Library: Chris Jones


Assistant Senco: Lisa Price

Able Child Coordinators:  Samantha Pearce & Melody Smith

PPA Cover Teachers: Cerys Phibben, Helen Bartram & Kerry Farmer

Special Needs Assistants: Jan Hyatt & Kate Brigden

Reading Recovery Teacher: Anne Taylor

Library Co-ordinator: Patsy Corke



Administration Officer: Christine Ross

Administration Assistant: Louise Keeping

Business Manager: Tracie Lake

Finance Assistant: Debbie Johns

   ICT Network Manager: Claire Smith


 Site Manager: Simon Kellett

Assistant Site Manager: Steve Dawson


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Donna Hallgate, Kim Ransom, Victoria Worger, Sara Mullen, Eva Coll, Jacqueline Castle, Lynne Omidire,

Lauren Chuter, Charlotte Gunner, Kirstie Morehead, Kim Ransom, Susan Miller, Katherine Eynon, Elaine Ninnes & Michelle Woodward


Kitchen Staff: Julie Lodge, Ellie Williamson, Katy Desmond & Angie Purvis


 Cleaners: Joe Francis, Victoria Worger, Louise Wade, Lauren Chuter & Ben Pinder


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