Supporting your child

Supporting Your Child at Home

We strongly believe that education is a shared partnership between school and home. We encourage parents to become fully involved in their child’s learning and also in the life of the school.

There are many opportunities for parents to come and in and see their child at work during the school day. Parent Playtime is run throughout a child’s time in Early Years enabling parents to enjoy hands-on experiences with their child and find out more about how young children learn in school. Sessions are held in class and the outside area and younger siblings are welcome.

KS1 parents can attend termly Family Fun Maths sessions where they are invited to try maths investigations with their child finding out how young children develop key maths skills and find out how much fun maths can really be!

During the summer term all parents are invited to an activity-based transition session; Looking Forward to Y1/Y2. Families work together on a wide range of activities and have a chance to see their new teacher.

As well as the standard open morning a variety of parent workshops are held throughout the year to guide parents in how they can support their child at home. These include reading, writing, phonics and spelling, maths and the Be The Best programme.

We acknowledge the many skills that our parents have and they are always warmly welcomed as volunteer helpers, working alongside children in school or helping with school visits. Roles that parents are already supporting the school with are library helpers, gardening in the kitchen garden, helping with offsite visits and class support with readers etc.

Please contact the school office if you are interested in a volunteer role in school to enable safeguarding checks to take place.

Giving Your Child The Best Chance Of Success.

Learning at school is only part of your child’s development and there are many different ways that you can help your child achieve well by supporting them at home. This will enable them to look forward to any exciting future with lots of wonderful opportunities and choices ahead.

Home Learning Project

Families work together on these practical projects which are given out at the beginning of each school year. These fun projects have something to offer all ages. Parents and children comment on how much fun they have with other members of the family joining in.

Past projects have been; Let’s Cook, Fit as a Fiddle, Celebrations and Blooming Boots!

Reading at Home

Reading books and library books will always come home with children. These will be supplemented with key words to learn to read and spell. Sharing a book for just ten minutes every day with a child makes a tremendous difference to their progress.

Maths in Y1 and Y2

Maths homework is sent home with Y1 and Y2 (KS1) children on the first and fifth Friday of each half term. This work aims at reinforcing learning that has taken place in class.

Termly Family Fun Maths Sessions

These fun activity sessions are very popular with parents as they give a great opportunity to join in with exciting maths activities with your child and their class. Each session lasts half-an-hour just before the end of the school day.

Parents say that get many ideas from these sessions for things that can be followed up at home. Younger children are welcome to join in too!

Wow Moments

We are very proud of children that attend Belle Vue. Wow moments are written by parent and child at home to celebrate any success or achievement. These are brought into school and celebrated in class.

Working Together

Staff really value the role that parents have to play in their child’s education. School staff are always on hand to guide parents with meeting their individual child’s needs at home.

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