School Profile

Belle Vue was inspected by OFSTED in March 2016 and was graded OUTSTANDING.

Belle Vue became the infant part of Alderwood School in April 2017 and currently provides an outstanding level of education for its pupils. The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is highly effective. Teachers know their pupils exceptionally well and so plan lessons that engender their enthusiasm and a love for learning. Pupils make exceptional progress from their starting points. By the time they reach the end of Year 2, they attain levels that are at least in line with, and frequently much higher than national averages. The most able pupils are consistently challenged and so achieve very well.

Provision in the early years is highly effective. Children make an excellent start to their education because the setting is exceptionally well run to meet their particular needs.

Pupils are kept very safe. Their attitudes and behaviour are delightful and they make an exceptional contribution to the strong community cohesion at the school. Their attitudes to learning are excellent.

Parents and carers are overwhelmingly supportive of the school.

Each year the school governors publish a School Profile which details what have been our successes over the year and what areas we are improving. To read our latest profile click here

The school receives a Pupil Premium grant from Central Government each year. Belle Vue’s allocation last year (2014/15) was £99,400. We used some of this money to provide increased staffing levels of Learning Support Assistants and One to One teachers to work with children across the school. Several pupils who were falling behind have benefitted from one to one teaching through the Reading Recovery programme and the Better Reading Partnerships programme and they are now performing in line with national averages.

Belle Vue was the National Pupil Premium Award winner for KS1 / KS3 in 2015.

Our allocation this year (2016/17) is £72,420. We will use it to target pupils throughout the school using the strategies and interventions we have found to be most effective.

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