New Parents

Children enter Alderwood Infant school during the academic year in which they have their fifth birthday.

Most children transfer from local nurseries and pre-schools and close liaison takes place between these establishments and with parents before children start school. This enables pre-school knowledge to be passed on to Early Years staff at Alderwood and ensures that we have a very clear picture of a child’s needs before they start.

Children with special needs and children who are gifted and talented are catered for by the school Special Needs Coordinator (SENCo) and the school Gifted and Talented Leader. See school policies on children with special needs and gifted children.

At Alderwood we aim for all children to feel confident and happy from their first day at school. During the summer term before they enter Early Years children and parents are invited to weekly “Let’s Get Active” sessions. Children and parents join in with activities led by Early Years staff and this really aids a smooth transition into school life as well as giving parents ideas of things they can do with their child at home.

An open evening for all new parents of children about to start in Early Years is held in the summer term.

Prospective and new parents are encouraged to attend the open evenings and open mornings that the school organises. This enables parents to find out through first-hand experience how children learn at Alderwood.

If you would like a tour of the school please contact the school office (01252 323494) to make an appointment.

If you wish for your child to attend Alderwood the school office will be able to advise you on the process or contact the Hampshire school admissions team.

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