Be the Best you can Be


This programme was started at both Belle Vue and Newport schools in September 2012. We had a very exciting launch with a visit by the Paralympic Gold Medallist Talan Skeels-Piggins who spent a day in both schools and was an inspiration to children, parents and staff.

The aim of the programme is to raise aspirations of all pupils with the support and engagement of their families and the wider community.

Pupils are equipped with the language of aspiration and success so that they are able to identify future targets and goals. They will acquire and develop the skills and knowledge to make important life and career choices.



 Olympic Values

Top class athletes try to live according to a set of beliefs and values that help them to “Be the Best they can Be”. The Olympic Values play a key part in the Be The Best programme as they shape future lives and influence the choices that we make.

At both schools we celebrate pupil achievement linked to the Olympic Values. This raises self-esteem and helps pupils to develop aspirations for their future. Achievements can be in the arts, sport, academic areas or something completely different. If a pupil has worked hard to achieve a personal goal then we will celebrate it!

Courage    Equality

Excellence    Determination    Inspiration

Equality     Respect


Parent Workshops

Parent workshops have been held this year for all year groups and were well attended. Following a presentation on the Olympic Values by Jan Boyton, Deputy Head, parents were invited into class to engage in an activity with their child and share their dream books.










Inspirational Visitors

In February Tozin Oke, the famous triple-jump gold medallist, visited both schools speaking to children about the importance of determination, courage and self-belief if they are to be successful. He demonstrated amazing medal-winning jumps across the school hall!


Children had their photographs taken with Tozin and raised money for Sports Relief during the sponsored sports activities.











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